Our Products


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    American wine
  • American honey
  • American apples, oranges, cherries
  • American agricultural products,
  • American, Japanese and European models Cars - Used and New
  • Used/new spare parts, engines, nose-cut and other components for American, Japanese and European models
  • Motorcycles Used and New
  • Consulting and coordination service

Our Services

GPRS USA provides the following services to our valued clients:

 Service #1 “ANSWER and SEND”

This package includes rendering of telephone and electronic answers.
The “ANSWER and SEND” manages your correspondence for just US$20 a month. Included in this price are:

  1. Answer phone calls on your behalf;
  2. Professional answering and resending on your e-mail;

For as little as $57 per month, we will perform all of your routine work for you! 
You can concentrate on your key business without the distractions of arranging import or export by yourself. 
<<Contact Us>> and ask about “ANSWER and SEND” to auto@gprservice.co.jp


 Service # 2 – “ACCEPT and FIND”

This is where you have found goods that you want to import to sell on the American market For “ACCEPT and FIND” service, simply send us an order with the detailed description of the products. We will:

  1. give professional consultations and coordination;
  2. conduct marketing researches for Client;
  3. develop the scheme to promote your goods;
  4. help you to find the real buyer.

Cost of the “ACCEPT and FIND” package deal is only US$35.
<<Contact Us>> and ask about “ACCEPT and FIND” america@gprservice.co.jp


 Service # 3 “DO-ALL”

This cost includes the listed services “ANSWER and SEND”, "ACCEPT and FIND” and in addition we will solve for you the most important point - PAYMENTS.

  1. You only need to provide GPRS a detailed offer of the goods for sale.
  2. GPRS will represent you and coordinate payments.
  3. GPRS will do-all for Client.

The cost of the “DO-ALL” service is only 3 % of the cost of goods.  That is, GPRS will handle all aspects of transfers of goods to your market directly from America all for only 3%!
<<Contact Us>> and ask about “DO-ALL” to  america@gprservice.co.jp

Write, e-mail or call Skype gprservice.co.ltd in Russian, Japanese or English to discuss an international contract for any of our services.
We know our work! Trust professionals with experience of business dealing in Japan since 2000!

GPR Service USA Inc.
5727 Woodland Hills, 282 CA 91367
Cell: +1-818-877-0812
E-mail: auto@gprservice.co.jp
Japanese Head Company
Address: Honmokucho 1-51
Naka-ku Yokohama Japan 231-0806
Tel: +81-45-628-6535
Fax: +81-45-628-6536
E-mail: auto@gprservice.co.jp