Directly from America!

GPR SERVICE USA Inc. is an American company registered in the State of New York since 2010.  After 11 years as an established Japanese company in 2000, we at GPR SERVICE USA Inc. decided to bring our business expertise to the USA.

Our export department can deliver left-hand automobile and trucks, used engines, spare parts and motorbikes to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Africa and Latin America.

We can also deliver your American food and wine to Japan, Russia and various countries.

We regularly conduct market research in our markets to increase business possibilities for our customers.

 We can exports cars and car parts to your detailed requirements

We ship used cars, used engines, half-cuts and other spare parts.

The process is simple; send your detailed shopping list, name, address and telephone number to GPRS by e-mail to:


 Since 2010, GPRS USA has been licensed to trade alcohol

Did you know that New York State ranks third in American grape production by volume after California and Washington? We also export New York wine. Now your customers can experience high quality New York red, white, dessert and sparkling wines.Just write us detailed inquiry with full coordinates to e-mail: and our professionals will contact you for discussion of deliveries of wine.


 GPRS delivers to and from USA

GPRS USA can deliver your goods from USA to Japan and Russia.

GPRS USA can also deliver goods from Japan or Russia to USA.

GPRS USA can even help to purchase and deliver your items from eBay and Amazon!


Our Products

  • American wine
  • American honey
  • American agricultural products
  • American apples, orange, cherry and etc
  • American, Japanese and European models Cars - Used and New
  • Used/new spare parts, engines, nose-cut and other components
  • Motorcycles Used and New
  • Consulting and coordinator service

Contact Us

  • Write, e-mail or call Skype in Russian, Japanese or English and discuss an international contract of any of our services.

    GPR Service USA Inc.
    5727 Woodland Hills, 282 CA 91367
    Cell: +1-818-877-0812

    Japanese Head Company
    Address: Honmokucho 1-51
    Naka-ku Yokohama Japan 231-0806
    Tel: +81-45-628-6535
    Fax: +81-45-628-6536