Company Introduction

was registered in Japan in 2000 to provide export and import services.
The export department is engaged in delivery from Japan of spare parts, cars, lubricants and technical equipment. 
The import department is engaged in the import of raw materials into Japan.

GPR SERVICE USA INC is an American company registered in the State of New York since 2010. 

GPRSERVICE Company History :

2000 - establishment of the Company in Japan, an export department
2001 - opened dealer networks in Russia, the cities of Sakhalin and Khabarovsk
2002 - started the export of wheels, tires and brake discs from Japan to Russia
2003 - expansion of a dealer network in Vladivostok, St.-Petersburg and Moscow 
2004 - creation of a branch of the Japanese lubricants and auto chemical goods 
2005 - beginning of business relations with firms in New Zealand and Oman
2007 - beginning of business relations with firms in Australia
2010 - beginning of business relations with firms in USA

GPR SERVICE USA INC welcomes new business relationships.

GPR Service USA Inc.
5727 Woodland Hills, 282 CA 91367
Cell: +1-818-877-0812
Japanese Head Company
Address: Honmokucho 1-51
Naka-ku Yokohama Japan 231-0806
Tel: +81-45-628-6535
Fax: +81-45-628-6536